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Davisibg Forum / General / Travel / 6 Cool Places To Visit In Calabar Before You Die

6 Cool Places To Visit In Calabar Before You Die


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6 Cool Places To Visit In Calabar Before You Die by themakanaki: 06-06-2021, 02:19 PM
Are you traveling to the beautiful city of Calabar in Cross-River state and you are looking for cool places to visit? or are your vacation plans in need of the most needed geographical location?

A visit to Calabar will do wonders for your proposed vacation. Being a beautiful city by all standards and from all fronts, Calabar is going to be just the perfect spot for you to relax and have a great time.

Stuck as to what places to visit while in Calabar? This article will serve as your tour guide in Calabar, highlighting the endowments of the South-south city and where to go when in it.

One interesting fact about Calabar is that it has the largest concentration of butterflies in the entire world. Yes! There is no where in the world that has as much butterflies like Calabar. Want to study the different species of butterflies or enjoy the scenery they create? Then welcome to Calabar.

We have carefully outlined some cool places to visit in Calabar. Whether you are visiting the city for business or to study butterflies or to just chill and relax, you should try visiting these places.

1. The Obudu Mountain Resort

The Obudu Mountain Resort is certainly the most popular place in Calabar and this is no news looking at the topography, scenery and climate of the mountain resort. Formerly called the Obudu Cattle Ranch, the Obudu Mountain Resort is located in the highlands and deep tropical forests of Cross River State with a temperate climate at about 45 miles from the border with Cameroon.

It is has rich natural vegetation and a picturesque view. If you are seeking adventure and a spot with unrivaled tranquility, you are looking for the Obudu Mountain Resort. The Cable Car feature is uniquely attributed to the resort and gives visitors a scenic view of the resort as they are lifted from the base of the mountain to the very top of the mountain.

2. The Tinapa Resort

The Tinapa Resort was established by the Cross-River government as the first business and leisure resort in the state. The Tinapa Resort has spectacular architectural designs and features a luxury hotel, cinema, movie production studio known as “Studio Tinapa”, mini amphitheater, a night clubs, a children's arcade, pubs and water themed park.

The resort which is located at about 10km away from Calabar offers visitors an open exhibition area at Tinapa Free Trade Zone available for trade exhibitions and other events. Additionally, it is a recreational spot for the entire family.

3. The Cross-River National Park

Located in Boki Local Government Area of Cross-River, the Cross-River National Park is home to a large variety of animals covering an area of 4,000 kilometers square. The park consists of two separate sections which are Okwangwo and Oban established in 1991 and 1988 respectively.

The park consists of moist tropical rain-forests in the North and Central parts, with mangrove swamps on the coastal zones. A good chunk of the park lies in the Guinea-Congolian region, with a closed canopy and scattered emergent trees reaching 40 or 50 meters in height.

It is host to Drill, an endangered primate specie which is related to the Mandrill. To get a glimpse of what Drill's look like, visit the Cross-River National Park.

4. The Home of Mary Slessor

Every good student of Nigerian history must have heard the name, Mary Slessor. Well, if this is your first time of seeing this name, I would take you back memory lane a little.

Mary Mitchelle Slessor was a missionary for the United Presbyterian Church who entered Nigeria in the year 1876. At that time, there was a prevalent practice in Nigeria especially by the natives of Akpap Okoyong, Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State where she settled in.

This practice was the killing of twins who were believed to be misfortunes and carriers of bad luck. This grievous death sentence pronounced on innocent children was apprehended and discontinued by this missionary from Aberdeen, Scotland called Mary Slessor.

The home she built in Akpap Okoyong which is a two bedroom mud house with a veranda, a store and a parlour which she called a “Caravan” was renovated by Mr Owens, a missionary carpenter in 1889. The walls of the house were made from iron sheets while windows and doors were carved from wood. Upon her death, the house was converted to a Rest Home for missionaries and a primary health care center.

It stands today as one of the tourist attractions and places to visit in Calabar.

5. The Duke Town Church

Going down memory lane again, the city of Calabar is famous for being one of the first cities through which Christianity gained access into the country, Nigeria. It happened to be the first spot missionaries from Scotland, England and other European countries set foot while bringing the message of the Gospel to Nigeria.

The Duke Town Church was established by the Presbyterian missionaries in the 19th century when they entered Nigeria. The church is one of the oldest churches in Nigeria and it is notable as the first contact Christianity had with the natives of Calabar.

Built under the auspices of Rev. Hope M. Waddell, the Duke Town Church is a representation of what British colonial architecture looked like. The church sky-scrapping altitude is a beauty to behold. Just 20 yards from the church's building, you will find the resting place of the woman for abolished the killing of twins, Mary Slessor.

6. Drill Rehabilitation Center

Finally on cool places to visit in Calabar, we have the Drill Rehabilitation Center. Remember I spoke about the endangered primate specie, Drill who is a close related of the Mandrill. In Calabar, there is a center where a good number of the remaining Drill specie are being preserved.

It was built in 1991 by Peter Jenkins and Lisa Gadsby in order to continue the heritage of the Drill specie and offer a haven for orphaned chimpanzees.

It was recognized as recognized as the most successful captive breeding of an endangered primate in the world.
Interested in wildlife and animals, then do not hesitate to visit the Drill Rehabilitation Center in Calabar.

That's it on 6 cool places to visit in Calabar. Make the most out of your visit to Calabar by seeing any of the places listed above. You would be glad you did.

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