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Davisibg Forum / General / Family / How to know whether a girl love you and how to respond to her feelings

How to know whether a girl love you and how to respond to her feelings


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How to know whether a girl love you and how to respond to her feelings by DeCaleb: 04-06-2021, 11:47 PM

If you are loved by a girl do not expect her to express her love to you orally. In her heart she feels you are the one to make the move, after all you are the man. Telling you that she loves you makes her think that she is cheap. But some women still break the ice and do the undoable, maybe they may have a measure of trust in you or they simple thinks that you are a hot cake and they may loss you if they don't make the move quickly. Another reason is that they are getting old and they have given you a many chances but you couldn't take anyone so they have to do something to get something. You understand?

Over to the big issue that prompted you to click this link.

1. How to know that a girl is in love with you

When a girl begins to love you she will start asking some questions about you, but she will do that bravely, so you won't notice it if you are not observant.

When her love start growing she will be acting childish and do little silly things around you at times, perhaps just to find out how you react.

Now her love have come strong she will be always want to speak with you frequently even when she doesn't have anything to talk about she will just call or chat you on social networks.

Next, she will send you her pictures and shot video clips where she is doing nothing serious like cooking, making her hair, or more frequently making up. When she does this she is only trying to stair your emotions so as to drive it home.

Once it becomes obvious to her that you are the right man for her she will want to visit you. At this point every words you say has meaning for her, she has a little word to word translator in her heart that enables her to rephrase your thoughts to something positive to her dream. For example, when you call her dear, she will translate it to "my dear one".

She will want to know your family and friends very well, she will try to entice you to do likewise.

She will try to know about your financial, business, family plannings. In the long run she win want to know your deep feelings.

Having come to know that a girl loves you take us to the next part of this article.

2. How can you control her feelings?
Imagine that you are holding a little beautiful flower and a little girl is intently looking at you while still gazing at the flower. You have just 2 options, 1. Give her the flower or 2. Tell her that the flower belong to someone else. The second option looks greedy but it helps the girl to know that no matter how much she can try the flower will not be hers, so she will just move on. But if you keep holding the flower for so long she will keep looking at you and the flower until she gets embarrassed.

That aptly applies to your response to a girl's love. If you noticed that a girl have fallen in love with you you got to act quickly so that you don't embarrass her. You have 2 options 1. Express mutual feelings for her or 2. Boldly tell her that you are not ready to take your friendship to any further level more that what it is right now. But do that mildly and yet firm.

If you let her alone with her feelings for you for so long she will be embarrassed and as a study shows she will easily become depressed, and in the long run she will rather see you as an enemy instead of a friend.

But what if you choose the first option? Let me tell you what to expect. Expect her to act like as if she never had any emotional feelings for you, expect her to see your proposal as a big surprise instead of expectation, also expect her to mull over your request even to the point of saying " I will think about it" Don't worry inside her is all excitement that she decides to lock up to prevent it from being visible. But in reality she is yours, so no need to worry about it. You just need some time ranging from few hours to few days to hear her say "I love you too". Letter on you will get to know that she was dying emotionally for you before you asked her out. Such is life.

So my advice is, don't you ever play with a girls feelings. You better slap them than play with their feelings. Could you ever allow anybody to play with your eyes, definitely not. So don't try it, it hurts.

I know you enjoyed reading this article, so what are your thoughts on it?

Let me know through the comment section.


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